Top soil, Gravel & Sand

Competitive prices

Hans Gruenwald Enterprises Inc. offers you competitive prices on the transportation and supply of black soil, garden soil, topsoil, gravel and sand.

Use the calculator below to determine the amount of soil required for your project.

Total Area: square feet sq ft
Desired Thickness of Topsoil or Mulch: (inches) inch
Total Tons Needed:

To make your area calculation easier, here is a guideline to follow:

  1. Draw the terrain accurately – preferably on graph paper.
  2. For irregularly shaped terrain, divide the terrain into combinations of triangles, rectangles and/or circles. Use the formulas below to determine the area.
    1. Rectangle = width x length
    2. Circle = 3.1416 x radius of circle squared (R^2 X pi)
    3. Triangle = ½ x length of base x length of height
  3. To determine the amount required for varying grades of soil, use a laser level to calculate the variance or estimate the average thickness.
  4. Use the calculator above.

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